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BORINOX® is a gas-based low-pressure diffusion process for producing a highly wear-resistant surface (expanded austenite/ferrite) on the basis of stainless steel, nickel – and cobalt chromium alloys. A special process control effectively suppresses the precipitation of chromium carbides or nitrides, which would reduce the corrosion resistance. The peripheral layer is produced integrally in the material, forming a hardness gradient to the core. Compared to coatings, there is no risk of cracking or spalling of the functional layer.

BORINOX® protects components of industrial washing machines from abrasive wear while maintaining corrosion resistance

Teile für industrielle Wachmaschinen werden mit BORINOX gehärtet

Components of fittings engineering are protected with BORINOX® against abrasion and corroding of the metallic seal combination.

Teile des Armaturenbaus werden mirt BORINOX:registered: gehärtet

Austenitic bolts of conveyor chains are protected with BORINOX® against cold welding and abrasion.

Austenitische Bolzen

This cross-section through a connection (austenitic nut and bolt) shows the uniform treatment of the thread with the BORINOX® process. The diffusion zone (clear layer) produced with BORINOX® protects against cold welding / corroding.

Austenitische Mutter und Schraube

The BORINOX® process is suitable for lay parts and also for single large components.
The maximum treatable component dimensions are 1200*2100 mm.
Unit weights of a few grams up to 4.000 kg are possible. The curing occurs very uniformly, gaps and cavities usually do not represent any problems. If necessary, components can also be partially treated.
BORINOX® is a registered trademark of BorTec GmbH & Co. KG.

Vakuumofen zum härten von rostfreien Stahl
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BORINOX® Datasheet

In our datasheet, bundled information can be found on the hardening of stainless steels with the BORINOX® process.

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BORINOX® technical Recommendations

In our technical recommendations, bundled information can be found on the hardening of stainless steels with the BORINOX® process.

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